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Sheehan’s studio was the first floor (above a Chinese Restaurant) of one of the merchant buildings that form 8th St., with his front room windows overlooking the corner of McDougal Street, where it meets 8th Street; He had rented many spaces (empty store fronts, small studio apartments ) since arriving in the Village in 1929, before moving into 27 West 8th_Street_(Manhattan); his studio for over 50 years until the year before his death (when he moved with my wife, Theresa, myself and our son Finn to Ireland in 1995.) It was a spacious walk through, 1 floor apartment divided by open plan design. John designed and built furniture in the 40’s and used all his own designs when it was designated ‘The Apartment of the Year’ by Look_Magazine 1952 ; Sheehan’s dinning room chairs were exhibited at M.O.M.A in 1952 [7] and Andy_Kaufman


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Nina Kelly – Furniture design.

Statue for Kate.


Cabinets with chair